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Stop Your Foreclosure

Today, not only can you lose your home to foreclosure because of not paying your mortgage, but you can lose your home for not paying your real estate taxes, and even your home owners association dues. You need to make a move when you get your first notice.

Here's what I will help you determine in your free consultation...

> I'll review your current situation and explain what's your best solution to prevent foreclosure...

> Help determine whether you are qualified for a loan modification or forbearance...

> Explain how to Maximize Government and lender aid and assistance...

> Help you understand your future financial position with your mortgage...

> And much more…

The consultation is 100% free so you have nothing to lose. So go ahead and contact us to set up the free consultation.

Remember in a situation like this time is NOT on your side. The more time you have to stop the foreclosure the better your terms can be.

"Why are you able to offer this free consultation?" you may ask. 

Simply because I am a financial planner who specializes in helping owners like yourself avoid foreclosure. There are many ways to avoid foreclosure and I will help you realize your best option.

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Tax Planning & Preparation



Tax Services


A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years literally 1000's of Federal and State returns have been prepared and filed.We are registered with the IRS for e-filing and tax problem resolution. As of 2013 we have clients in 8 different states as well as 4 countries, not including Puerto Rico.Thanks to the use of the phone, email, fax and video conferencing, we are able to take care of our clients needs usually within 24 hours. If you are looking for an aggressive tax planner and preparer that will listen to your unique situation then give us a call at 407-854-4718.

Business Tax Returns

Small business tax return preparation and filing instructions is a core service offered to our clients. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietor a properly prepared tax return can be filed to minimize the tax owed. Over the years, 100's of small business Federal and State tax returns have been prepared for both service and manufacturing company clients.We also prepare and file sales tax as well as other compliance returns required by federal and/or state tax offices.If you are looking to start a new business, we offer full consultation and workup needed to start a new business entity on the right foot.Looking to buy or sell a business? We specialize in a multi-dimensional approach to valuing small business for purchase or sale. We also value businesses for buy-sell agreements and for insurance purposes.

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Tax Planning


Tax planning and tax preparation are not the same although the two are two sides of the same coin. Consider that tax planning is what is going to help keep that coin (and more of it's little brothers and sisters) in your pocket.

Another misconception is that tax planning is done when you are doing your taxes... Wrong again! The time period to file your taxes is so short, it would be both unfair and impossible for both you and your tax preparer to do both at the same time. Also consider that when you are doing your income tax return for last year, it is several months after the end of the year. Tax planning is planning for the future to implement strategies and processes to save on paying more on your taxes than you have to.

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Business Planning



The business you are just ready to start, is on the road to FAILURE!

Bold words but true none the less.

Startup companies like yours are poised to make huge profits in today’s economy, but only if handled correctly. The Small Business Administration notes that 4 out of 5 businesses’ that start today, will fail in the next 3 years. To add insult to injury, did you know that you have a hidden partner that will be taking money out of your pocket, and doing nothing in return?!?

That thieving partner is Uncle Sam and all his little nephews! All levels of government want to have a part of your hard earned money in the form of TAXES, PENALTIES and FEES.  They are ALL eating away at your money, in fact banks classify the self employed like the unemployed.

Most people that are looking to create a business are looking for one or more of the following:

- Protect their personal assets

- Save substantial amounts of taxes

- Defend themselves against IRS attacks such as an audit

- Prevent legal disputes and save on legal fees and hassles

- Look to successfully operate their business.

- Looking for outside funding to grow their business

There are generally 3 common business structures that are used: a sole proprietorship (a single owner), a partnership (more than one owner), or a corporation (there are also several types of corporations). Let’s forget for now about LLC or Limited Liability Companies as this is a hybrid and focus only on and address some frequently asked questions about using a corporation to carry on business. There are many advantages to corporations and it is probably the most commonly used business structure.

First ; What is a Corporation?

A corporation is an artificial person also commonly referred to as a "limited company" or just "company". A corporation is a separate legal entity created by following the procedures set out in the applicable legal statute of the state that it is created in or will do business in.

Once created, the corporation has perpetual existence separate from the owners of the corporation, and the directors and officers of the corporation. A corporation has the same powers as a natural person: for example, a corporation can enter into contracts in the name of the corporation, sue and be sued in the name of the corporation, carry on business, buy and sell property, make, spend, lend out and borrow money as well as form associations with other corporations or individuals, and even own another corporation.

Every corporation must have at least one shareholder, a director and officer (they can all be the same person). The shareholders are the owners of interest of the corporation. The directors are the persons charged with the management and administration of the business and affairs of the corporation. The officers of the corporation would normally be the president, the secretary and such other officers as the directors may decide upon. If there is only one shareholder, then that person is generally the sole director and only officer of the corporation. It is no longer necessary that there be a president and a secretary.

What are the benefits of a Corporation?

There may be many advantages to using a corporation to carry on business or holding property depending on your circumstances. Some of the main advantages of using a corporation to conduct business include the following:

•            Limited Liability: The owners, or shareholders, of a corporation are not liable for the debts and obligations of a corporation. A shareholder is only limited to the amount that they invested into a corporation (in other words the worst-case scenario is that they lose their investment). This means that, as normal rule, creditors of a corporation cannot hold the shareholders responsible for the debts of the corporation. If the corporation cannot pay its creditors, then the creditors have no right to claim payment from the shareholders. There are exceptions to this general rule either by statute or because of some act done by the shareholders to make them personally liable. Nor can a shareholder be sued because of an action of the corporation that created a liability. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. If you have concerns about these exceptions, you should seek legal advice.

•            Ownership Easily Transferable: Ownership of a corporation is transferred easily by transferring the shares. It can be as simple as endorsing the back of the share certificate in favor of the new owner of the shares. The change of ownership is then recorded in the records of the corporation. However, if the corporation is actively carrying on business, the new owners will require various representations and warranties both from the seller of the shares and from the corporation. The seller will also wish to exclude liability in certain areas and limit the representations and warranties given. Also, certain technical requirements of the governing legislation must be met. Please note that as a business that may need to be licensed, a new license may need to be obtained under the new ownership.

•            Perpetual Existence: Since a corporation is a separate legal entity from the shareholders, the corporation can have perpetual existence. It continues as a corporation in law even if the ownership of the corporation itself changes. This provides for continuity for the business of the corporation.

•            Tax Advantages: Under income tax laws, there can be a tax advantage to operating a business through a corporation as opposed to a sole proprietorship, a partnership or some other form. If a corporation qualifies as a small business and has active income, then it can take advantage of the small business deduction and pay income taxes at a substantially reduced rate. There can be a substantial tax saving compared to doing business outside of a corporation. There are many more deductions available to corporations that are not available to individuals and the IRS for some unknown reason, is more prone to audit a person, rather than a corporation.

•            Raising Capital: For a number of reasons, it can be easier to raise capital for a corporation than it is for a partnership or sole proprietor. Lenders are more willing to lend capital to a corporation. There are more sources of capital for a corporation.

Now I have highlighted a corporate business structure here more as it fulfills the majority of small business owners needs but each business like every person, is different.

I am a business profit and growth specialist and what I do is help companies like yours make more and keep more! From starting the business to getting funding to grow your business, to tax strategies to lower your tax liability, I can show you how to run a business FOR PROFIT (for very little cost).  

I welcome you to call me for a free consultation on how to start and run your business into profit and not into the ground.

Credit Restoration


My Story

           Let me tell you a little story, its principle character is me, but it could have easily been you!

           I was just out of college and had a decent, but not well paying job. My dad was always getting those “Get Rich Quick” books and self help guides and one book that caught my eye was called “Using Your Credit Cards To Get Rich” (or something like that). In any case, the short version of this book simply stated that whatever I owed on credit card #1, I should pay with credit card #2. When the bill from credit card #2 came in, pay it with credit card #3 and so on and so on. The whole idea was that I was always making payments, but not from my own money.

           Well the idea sounded good but several months down the line I realized that I had a growing balance on all my credit cards and couldn’t afford to pay them all off. What the book did not say was that once you started this, you should not be using your cards for anything as you were just increasing your balance. Also it did not mention that cash advances were the highest rate of interest that had no grace period, so even if I have never used my cards after the first time, the interest charges were adding up fast.

           If the ever-mounting interest wasn’t an insult enough, the rude awaking was when Sear’s denied me credit.

           Well, there I was with an accounting degree, was beginning as a financial planner with a major company and a bankruptcy was out of the question. A financial planner that was bankrupt did not look good and I would have been let go. So I put everything that I knew to practical use. After a while I had brought all my balances down and I was paying my cards in full every month. All the money that the card companies were making off of me for years came to an end.

            During the years of helping clients create or restore their credit I learned that there are many “fake truths” on the street that keep you locked in the credit dungeon forever.

FAKE TRUTH #1: Your credit can be repaired over night by an attorney or credit repair company.

FALSE: Whatever your situation, it takes time to correct and reinforce your credit situation. Many sources will charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars and do nothing, or something that you could have done yourself. In fact Eileen Harrington, Past Deputy Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection had this to say: “Credit repair schemes are a big problem for consumers. Credit repair promoters generally charge hundreds of dollars, but don't deliver on their claims." However, as your credit coach I work hand in hand with you to create, correct and reinforce your credit situation!

FAKE TRUTH #2: You can’t fix bad credit.

FALSE: There are two types of bad credit. Misinformation or errors in your history, and correct information that is just plain old damaging. The truth hurts! Plain fact is that mistakes and misinformation can be corrected with work. Even correct information that is negative can be improved! I can show you how.

FAKE TRUTH #3: There is only one credit score.

FALSE: There are three major credit reporting agencies and each one has a score and a different way of scoring you. Looking only at one agency will not give you your complete picture and your score will determine how much you pay for credit, insurance even if you can get a new job or an apartment.

FAKE TRUTH #4: Checking your credit score will lower it.

FALSE: Well, almost. There are three types of inquiries (every time someone looks at your credit). There is a hard inquiry which is when someone that is not already a credit provider for you, takes a peek at your history. This could be a credit card company looking to give you a card, a cell phone company that you are looking to get service from, etc., etc. These inquiries impact the most on your score. The second type of inquiry is a soft inquiry. This is usually when one of your credit providers looks at your credit in an effort to raise your limit, or issue you new credit. These inquiries will only raise your score slightly if at all. The third type is a self inquiry. This is when you check your own credit. This will not raise your score at all.

FAKE TRUTH #5: Shopping around to buy on credit will lower your score.

FALSE: Again, almost. If you were looking to buy and finance a car and you went to Dealer A, then went across the street to Dealer B and then down the road to Dealer C and each one checked your credit, as long as you made a purchase within thirty days, it would not affect your score. However, let’s say you went to Dealer A and Dealer B shopping for a car, then you went to a furniture store and they checked your credit to finance the purchase, then you applied for a credit card at the electronics store and so on, yes your score will be affected.

FAKE TRUTH #6: The way to improve my credit is to remove all the negative information.

FALSE: This is only part of the picture. You cannot permanently remove all negative information, especially if it is true. However I can show you how to put new and improved information that will bury the bad.

FAKE TRUTH #7: Interest rates are the same wherever you go.

FALSE: Go to Bankrate.com and you can explore interest rates from everything from a car loan to a mortgage. Rates are not the same for everyone. People with good credit will get a preferred rate, while people with challenged credit will always pay more, IF they can even get credit. Some property managers will not rent out a unit to a person with questionable credit. Auto insurance companies can bump up the rate for people with speed bumps in their credit and try to buy a home with “iffy” credit and you will find that if you can get it, it will be very expensive with higher interest rates, more upfront fees, greater closing costs and even higher insurance rates.

FAKE TRUTH #8: If you subscribe to a certain service you will never be a victim of identity theft.

FALSE: There’s a saying that a lock was meant for honest people. Simply stated is that there are many services out there that claim to block identity theft and often cost hundreds of dollars every year. I can show you how to get your credit report for free, how to get credit protection for free and what to do if your identity has been used against you.

          The bottom line is that you can chose to do nothing and the problem will never go away, but get worst. You could also spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with questionable results, or you could hire a credit coach to guide you through the credit maze. Learn what you need to know for now and forever.

           Call me today and see results in as little as ninety days (often sooner).

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